Data collection, quality, and reporting

Section edited by Roberta Scherer

This section considers manuscripts that assess quality aspects of data collected in all types of medical research studies, including systematic reviews and meta-analyses, along with how the data are reported in published form.

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  1. Research article

    Validity of self-reported weight and height: a cross-sectional study among Malaysian adolescents

    Self-reported weight and height are commonly used in lieu of direct measurements of weight and height in large epidemiological surveys due to inevitable constraints such as budget and human resource. However, ...

    C. C. Kee, K. H. Lim, M. G. Sumarni, C. H. Teh, Y. Y. Chan, M. I. Nuur Hafizah, Y. K. Cheah, E. O. Tee, Y. Ahmad Faudzi and M. Amal Nasir

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:85

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  2. Research article

    Measurement properties of the Danish version of the Awareness and Beliefs about Cancer (ABC) measure

    The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership aims to study international differences in cancer survival and the possible causes. Participating countries are Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and ...

    Line Hvidberg, Anette Fischer Pedersen, Christian Nielsen Wulff, Anders Helles Carlsen and Peter Vedsted

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:74

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  3. Research article

    Evaluation of a modified version of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory-Short Form

    Posttraumatic growth is the positive change resulting from traumatic experiences and is typically assessed with retrospective measures like the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI). The PTGI was designed to i...

    Navjot Kaur, Ben Porter, Cynthia A. LeardMann, Laura E. Tobin, Hector Lemus and David D. Luxton

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:69

    Published on: 20 April 2017

  4. Research article

    The impact of the mode of survey administration on estimates of daily smoking for mobile phone only users

    Over the past decade, there have been substantial changes in landline and mobile phone ownership, with a substantial increase in the proportion of mobile-only households. Estimates of daily smoking rates for t...

    Joseph Hanna, Damien V. Cordery, David G. Steel, Walter Davis and Timothy C. Harrold

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:65

    Published on: 20 April 2017

  5. Research article

    Grey literature in systematic reviews: a cross-sectional study of the contribution of non-English reports, unpublished studies and dissertations to the results of meta-analyses in child-relevant reviews

    Systematic reviews (SRs) are an important source of information about healthcare interventions. A key component of a well-conducted SR is a comprehensive literature search. There is limited evidence on the con...

    Lisa Hartling, Robin Featherstone, Megan Nuspl, Kassi Shave, Donna M. Dryden and Ben Vandermeer

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:64

    Published on: 19 April 2017

  6. Research article

    Clinical patient registry recruitment and retention: a survey of patients in two chronic disease registries

    The collection of routine clinical data in the setting of research registries can serve an important role in understanding real world care. However, relatively little is known about the patient experience in r...

    Daniel H. Solomon, Nancy A. Shadick, Michael E. Weinblatt, Michelle Frits, Christine Iannaccone, Agnes Zak and Joshua R. Korzenik

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:59

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  7. Research article

    Practical application of opt-out recruitment methods in two health services research studies

    Participant recruitment is an ongoing challenge in health research. Recruitment may be especially difficult for studies of access to health care because, even among those who are in care, people using services...

    Christopher J. Miller, James F. Burgess, Ellen P. Fischer, Deborah J. Hodges, Lindsay K. Belanger, Jessica M. Lipschitz, Siena R. Easley, Christopher J. Koenig, Regina L. Stanley and Jeffrey M. Pyne

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:57

    Published on: 14 April 2017

  8. Research article

    Evaluation of AMSTAR to assess the methodological quality of systematic reviews in overviews of reviews of healthcare interventions

    Overviews of reviews (overviews) compile information from multiple systematic reviews (SRs) to provide a single synthesis of relevant evidence for decision-making. It is recommended that authors assess and rep...

    Michelle Pollock, Ricardo M. Fernandes and Lisa Hartling

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:48

    Published on: 23 March 2017

  9. Research article

    Methods for conceptualising ‘visual ability’ as a measurable construct in children with cerebral palsy

    Vision influences functioning and disability of children with cerebral palsy, so there is a growing need for psychometrically robust tools to advance assessment of children’s vision abilities in clinical pract...

    Belinda Deramore Denver, Margareta Adolfsson, Elspeth Froude, Peter Rosenbaum and Christine Imms

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:46

    Published on: 21 March 2017

  10. Correspondence

    Implementation of clinical research trials using web-based and mobile devices: challenges and solutions

    With the increasing implementation of web-based, mobile health interventions in clinical trials, it is crucial for researchers to address the security and privacy concerns of patient information according to h...

    Roy Eagleson, Luis Altamirano-Diaz, Alex McInnis, Eva Welisch, Stefanie De Jesus, Harry Prapavessis, Meghan Rombeek, Jamie A. Seabrook, Teresa Park and Kambiz Norozi

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:43

    Published on: 17 March 2017

  11. Research article

    Assignment of adverse event indexing terms in randomized clinical trials involving spinal manipulative therapy: an audit of records in MEDLINE and EMBASE databases

    Reporting of adverse events in randomized clinical trials (RCTs) is encouraged by the authors of The Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) statement. With robust methodological design and adequa...

    Lindsay M. Gorrell, Roger M. Engel, Reidar P. Lystad and Benjamin T. Brown

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:41

    Published on: 14 March 2017

  12. Research article

    AIMD - a validated, simplified framework of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into health practices, systems, and policies

    Proliferation of terms describing the science of effectively promoting and supporting the use of research evidence in healthcare policy and practice has hampered understanding and development of the field. To ...

    Peter Bragge, Jeremy M. Grimshaw, Cynthia Lokker and Heather Colquhoun

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:38

    Published on: 4 March 2017

  13. Research article

    Leveraging the EHR4CR platform to support patient inclusion in academic studies: challenges and lessons learned

    The development of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in hospitals offers the ability to reuse data from patient care activities for clinical research. EHR4CR is a European public-private partnership aiming to d...

    Yannick Girardeau, Justin Doods, Eric Zapletal, Gilles Chatellier, Christel Daniel, Anita Burgun, Martin Dugas and Bastien Rance

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:36

    Published on: 28 February 2017

  14. Research article

    Test-treatment RCTs are susceptible to bias: a review of the methodological quality of randomized trials that evaluate diagnostic tests

    There is a growing recognition for the need to expand our evidence base for the clinical effectiveness of diagnostic tests. Many international bodies are calling for diagnostic randomized controlled trials to ...

    Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano, Jacqueline Dinnes, Alice J. Sitch, Chris Hyde and Jonathan J. Deeks

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:35

    Published on: 24 February 2017

  15. Research article

    Research waste in diagnostic trials: a methods review evaluating the reporting of test-treatment interventions

    The most rigorous method for evaluating the effectiveness of diagnostic tests is through randomised trials that compare test-treatment interventions: complex interventions comprising episodes of testing, decis...

    Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano, Jacqueline Dinnes, Sian Taylor-Phillips, Clare Davenport, Chris Hyde and Jonathan J. Deeks

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:32

    Published on: 24 February 2017

  16. Research article

    Participant retention practices in longitudinal clinical research studies with high retention rates

    There is a need for improving cohort retention in longitudinal studies. Our objective was to identify cohort retention strategies and implementation approaches used in studies with high retention rates.

    Martha Abshire, Victor D. Dinglas, Maan Isabella A. Cajita, Michelle N. Eakin, Dale M. Needham and Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:30

    Published on: 20 February 2017

  17. Research article

    Generating evidence on a risk-based monitoring approach in the academic setting – lessons learned

    In spite of efforts to employ risk-based strategies to increase monitoring efficiency in the academic setting, empirical evidence on their effectiveness remains sparse. This mixed-methods study aimed to evalua...

    Belinda von Niederhäusern, Annette Orleth, Sabine Schädelin, Nawal Rawi, Martin Velkopolszky, Claudia Becherer, Pascal Benkert, Priya Satalkar, Matthias Briel and Christiane Pauli-Magnus

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:26

    Published on: 14 February 2017

  18. Research article

    Motivations for (non)participation in population-based health studies among the elderly – comparison of participants and nonparticipants of a prospective study on influenza vaccination

    Participation in epidemiological studies has strongly declined in recent years. We examined the reasons for (non)participation in population-based health studies among participants and nonparticipants of a pro...

    Manas K. Akmatov, Leonhard Jentsch, Peggy Riese, Marcus May, Malik W. Ahmed, Damaris Werner, Anja Rösel, Jana Prokein, Inga Bernemann, Norman Klopp, Blair Prochnow, Thomas Illig, Christoph Schindler, Carlos A. Guzman and Frank Pessler

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:18

    Published on: 2 February 2017

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