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  1. Research article

    Test-treatment RCTs are susceptible to bias: a review of the methodological quality of randomized trials that evaluate diagnostic tests

    There is a growing recognition for the need to expand our evidence base for the clinical effectiveness of diagnostic tests. Many international bodies are calling for diagnostic randomized controlled trials to ...

    Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano, Jacqueline Dinnes, Alice J. Sitch, Chris Hyde and Jonathan J. Deeks

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:35

    Published on: 24 February 2017

  2. Research article

    Research waste in diagnostic trials: a methods review evaluating the reporting of test-treatment interventions

    The most rigorous method for evaluating the effectiveness of diagnostic tests is through randomised trials that compare test-treatment interventions: complex interventions comprising episodes of testing, decis...

    Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano, Jacqueline Dinnes, Sian Taylor-Phillips, Clare Davenport, Chris Hyde and Jonathan J. Deeks

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:32

    Published on: 24 February 2017

  3. Research article

    Estimation of treatment preference effects in clinical trials when some participants are indifferent to treatment choice

    In the two-stage randomised trial design, a randomly sampled subset of study participants are permitted to choose their own treatment, while the remaining participants are randomised to treatment in the usual ...

    Stephen D. Walter, Robin M. Turner, Petra Macaskill, Kirsten J. McCaffery and Les Irwig

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:29

    Published on: 20 February 2017

  4. Research article

    Participant retention practices in longitudinal clinical research studies with high retention rates

    There is a need for improving cohort retention in longitudinal studies. Our objective was to identify cohort retention strategies and implementation approaches used in studies with high retention rates.

    Martha Abshire, Victor D. Dinglas, Maan Isabella A. Cajita, Michelle N. Eakin, Dale M. Needham and Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:30

    Published on: 20 February 2017

  5. Research Article

    On the censored cost-effectiveness analysis using copula information

    Information and theory beyond copula concepts are essential to understand the dependence relationship between several marginal covariates distributions. In a therapeutic trial data scheme, most of the time, ce...

    Charles Fontaine, Jean-Pierre Daurès and Paul Landais

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:27

    Published on: 15 February 2017

  6. Research article

    Generating evidence on a risk-based monitoring approach in the academic setting – lessons learned

    In spite of efforts to employ risk-based strategies to increase monitoring efficiency in the academic setting, empirical evidence on their effectiveness remains sparse. This mixed-methods study aimed to evalua...

    Belinda von Niederhäusern, Annette Orleth, Sabine Schädelin, Nawal Rawi, Martin Velkopolszky, Claudia Becherer, Pascal Benkert, Priya Satalkar, Matthias Briel and Christiane Pauli-Magnus

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:26

    Published on: 14 February 2017

  7. Research article

    Self-controlled designs in pharmacoepidemiology involving electronic healthcare databases: a systematic review

    Observational studies are widely used in pharmacoepidemiology. Several designs can be used, in particular self-controlled designs (case-crossover and self-controlled case series). These designs offer the advan...

    Nathalie Gault, Johann Castañeda-Sanabria, Yann De Rycke, Sylvie Guillo, Stéphanie Foulon and Florence Tubach

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:25

    Published on: 8 February 2017

  8. Research article

    Testing a systematic approach to identify and prioritise barriers to successful implementation of a complex healthcare intervention

    Multiple barriers may inhibit the adoption of clinical interventions and impede successful implementation. Use of standardised methods to prioritise barriers to target when selecting implementation interventio...

    Louise E. Craig, Leonid Churilov, Liudmyla Olenko, Dominique A. Cadilhac, Rohan Grimley, Simeon Dale, Cintia Martinez-Garduno, Elizabeth McInnes, Julie Considine, Jeremy M. Grimshaw and Sandy Middleton

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:24

    Published on: 7 February 2017

  9. Research article

    Impact of communities, health, and emotional-related factors on smoking use: comparison of joint modeling of mean and dispersion and Bayes’ hierarchical models on add health survey

    The analysis of correlated binary data is commonly addressed through the use of conditional models with random effects included in the systematic component as opposed to generalized estimating equations (GEE) ...

    Jie Pu, Di Fang and Jeffrey R. Wilson

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:20

    Published on: 3 February 2017

  10. Research article

    Motivations for (non)participation in population-based health studies among the elderly – comparison of participants and nonparticipants of a prospective study on influenza vaccination

    Participation in epidemiological studies has strongly declined in recent years. We examined the reasons for (non)participation in population-based health studies among participants and nonparticipants of a pro...

    Manas K. Akmatov, Leonhard Jentsch, Peggy Riese, Marcus May, Malik W. Ahmed, Damaris Werner, Anja Rösel, Jana Prokein, Inga Bernemann, Norman Klopp, Blair Prochnow, Thomas Illig, Christoph Schindler, Carlos A. Guzman and Frank Pessler

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:18

    Published on: 2 February 2017

  11. Research article

    Assessing and adjusting for non-response in the Millennium Cohort Family Study

    In conducting population-based surveys, it is important to thoroughly examine and adjust for potential non-response bias to improve the representativeness of the sample prior to conducting analyses of the data...

    Nida H. Corry, Christianna S. Williams, Mike Battaglia, Hope Seib McMaster and Valerie A. Stander

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:16

    Published on: 28 January 2017

  12. Research article

    Measuring health-related quality of life in cervical cancer patients: a systematic review of the most used questionnaires and their validity

    Data on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is paramount for shared and evidence based decision-making. Since an overview of cervical cancer HRQoL tools and their validity appears to be lacking, we performe...

    Casper Tax, Marlie E. Steenbergen, Petra L. M. Zusterzeel, Ruud L. M. Bekkers and Maroeska M. Rovers

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:15

    Published on: 26 January 2017

  13. Research article

    Estimating the size of the homeless adolescent population across seven cities in Cambodia

    The Government of Cambodia has committed to supporting family care for vulnerable children, including homeless populations. Collecting baseline data on the numbers and characteristics of homeless adolescents w...

    Lindsay Stark, Beth L. Rubenstein, Kimchoeun Pak, Rosemary Taing, Gary Yu, Sok Kosal and Leslie Roberts

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:13

    Published on: 26 January 2017

  14. Research article

    Psychometric analysis of the brief symptom inventory 18 (BSI-18) in a representative German sample

    The BSI-18 contains the three six-item scales somatization, depression, and anxiety as well as the Global Severity Index (GSI), including all 18 items. The BSI-18 is the latest and shortest of the multidimensi...

    Gabriele Helga Franke, Susanne Jaeger, Heide Glaesmer, Claus Barkmann, Katja Petrowski and Elmar Braehler

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:14

    Published on: 26 January 2017

  15. Research article

    Multiple triangulation and collaborative research using qualitative methods to explore decision making in pre-hospital emergency care

    Paramedics make important and increasingly complex decisions at scene about patient care. Patient safety implications of influences on decision making in the pre-hospital setting were previously under-research...

    Maxine Johnson, Rachel O’Hara, Enid Hirst, Andrew Weyman, Janette Turner, Suzanne Mason, Tom Quinn, Jane Shewan and A. Niroshan Siriwardena

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017 17:11

    Published on: 24 January 2017

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