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Table 1 Mean Rank Order (lower is preferred)

From: Assessment of the usefulness of a diagnostic test: A survey of patient preference for diagnostic techniques in the evaluation of intestinal inflammation

Test Experienced Group Naive Group
Stool Analysis 1.68 1.23
White cell scan 2.46 2.51
Sigmoidoscopy 3.60 3.41
Colonoscopy 4.20 5.59
Barium Enema 4.28 3.82
Enteroclysis 5.30 5.23
Laparotomy 6.48 6.21
  1. Experienced Group: Patients with inflammatory bowel disease having experienced most or all of the above tests. Naive Group; Healthy individuals previously unfamiliar with most or all of the tests. Scores could vary from 1.0 (most preferred) to 7.0 (least preferred).