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Table 1 Underestimation of Aboriginal status in unlinked hospital records of admission for cardiovascular disease compared with estimates based on linked hospital morbidity and death records

From: Under-ascertainment of Aboriginality in records of cardiovascular disease in hospital morbidity and mortality data in Western Australia: a record linkage study

  Aboriginal identification in hospital morbidity and death records
Aboriginal positive, n Index admission* Index + 20-year admission history (majority-positive) Index + 20-year admission history (ever- positive)
Morbidity records alone 3,060 3,094 3,636
Death records alone 83 78 60
Morbidity or death records 3,143 3,172 3,696
Underestimate in index cases relative to revised counts, % 2.7 3.7 20.8
  1. *There were 62,692 hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease from 2000 to 2005