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Table 1 Participant involvement in the FIT study

From: Recruiting older people to a randomised controlled dietary intervention trial - how hard can it be?

Involvement required from participants Associated activity
1 home visit Orientation to the study, informed written consent, explain food diary ~1 hour
3 hospital visits for assessments:
Baseline, post intervention, follow-up
Questionnaires, bloods, anthropometric measures, checking food diary ~1 hour per assessment
1 hospital visit for vaccination Bloods, vaccination ~30 min
Completion of symptoms and illness diary for 6 months Weekly ~10 min
Completion of 3 food diaries for 4 days each (recording of food and drink eaten) Daily ~30 min for 4 days on 3 occasions
Consumption of tablet or specific foods for 3 months (food was paid for by the trial and was delivered to the participants home) Swallowing of tablet or consumption of provided food over the week for 12 weeks
Eight telephone calls at intervals throughout study Interviewed re: health and consumption of food (if on food group) ~10 min each call