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Table 1 Sub-categories of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes for unintentional drowning (online ICD-10 codes can be accessed at

From: Quality of cause-of-death reporting using ICD-10 drowning codes: a descriptive study of 69 countries

ICD-9 code ICD-10 code  
E910 Accidental drowning and submersion W65--W74 Drowning and submersion
   E910.0 while water-skiing W65 while in bathtub
   E910.1 while engaged in other sport or recreational activity with diving equipment W66 following fall into bathtub
   E910.2 while engaged in other sport or recreational activity without diving equipment W67 while in swimming pool
   E910.3 while swimming or diving for purposes other than recreation or sport W68 following fall into swimming pool
   E910.4 in bathtub W69 while in natural water
   E910.8 Other W70 following fall into natural water
   E910.9 unspecified place of occurrence code W73 other specified
   W74 unspecified
  1. In the ICD-10, the following fourth-character sub-divisions serve to identify the place of occurrence of the external cause where relevant:
  2. .0 Home
  3. .1 Residential institution
  4. .2 School, other institution, or public administrative area
  5. .3 Sports and athletics area
  6. .4 Street or highway
  7. .5 Trade and service area
  8. .6 Industrial or construction area
  9. .8 Other specified place
  10. .9 Unspecified place