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Table 2 Outline of interview schedule

From: Trials within trials? Researcher, funder and ethical perspectives on the practicality and acceptability of nesting trials of recruitment methods in existing primary care trials

Past experiences of primary care studies
How decisions on recruitment strategies are made
Barriers to recruitment and potential solutions
Views about feasibility of nested recruitment methods interventions:
   - Advantages of nesting recruitment interventions
   - Disadvantages of nesting recruitment interventions
   - Risks to main study of nesting recruitment interventions
   - Would it matter what sort of main trial was being conducted?
   - Would the timing of nested studies matter?
   - Discussion of recruitment interventions circulated in advance (Table 1)
Topics discussed with subgroups:
   - Personal views if asked to nest a recruitment study (PIs)
   - Ethical implications (Ethics)
   - Would funding body support/incentivize nested studies? (Funders)