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Table 1 PCIRN Vaccine Coverage Theme - Evaluation Framework

From: Pan-Canadian assessment of pandemic immunization data collection: study methodology

Attribute Description of Measures
Simplicity Ease of operation for vaccine delivery and support staff to collect immunization data, and for decision makers and planners to obtain the information they need for monitoring purposes.
Flexibility Capacity to accommodate modifications to reflect changing requirements and local needs.
Data Quality Completeness (absence of missing data elements) and validity (absence of errors in the data) of the data recorded, and suitability of the data for satisfying reporting requirements. Suitability for research purposes.
Acceptability Willingness of persons and organizations to use the immunization data collection system, as well as feasibility of adoption.
Representativeness Accuracy in describing vaccine coverage over time and its distribution in the population by person and place (i.e., ensuring no exclusion of selected population subgroups or geographical areas).
Sensitivity Proportion of vaccine recipients captured in data collection system (since immunizations taking place across numerous settings may lead to incomplete data capture).
Timeliness Time required from act of immunization to generation of vaccine coverage estimates.
Stability Reliability (ability to collect, manage, and provide data properly without failure) and availability (ability to be operational when it is needed) of the immunization data collection system.
Security Presence of processes and mechanisms to protect the privacy and confidentiality of client information and to prevent data loss.