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Table 2 Items removed from the CAT because of an outfit > 1.7

From: An accurate and efficient identification of children with psychosocial problems by means of computerized adaptive testing

Questionnaire No Item
CBCL 2 Allergies
CBCL 4 Asthma
CBCL 5 Behaves like a child of the opposite gender
CBCL 44 Nail-biting
CBCL 55 Overweight
CBCL 56d Eye-problems
CBCL 56e Skin problems
CBCL 56h Other (psychosomatic) problems
CBCL 77 Sleeps more than peers
CBCL 97 Threatens other people
CBCL 98 Thumb-sucking
CBCL 107 Wetting him- or herself during the day
CBCL 108 Wetting his or her bed
SDQ 11 At least one good friend
SDQ 22 Steals from home, school or elsewhere