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Table 3 Extract from item pool illustrating presentation of item-level data

From: Pre-validation methods for developing a patient reported outcome instrument

Item No Item Response Instrument
257 Do objects ever suddenly appear when you should have noticed them before? 1 = no, 2 = uncertain, 3 = yes MILLS 1986
258 Does your vision give you any difficulty (even with glasses) with seeing objects coming from the side? 1 = none, 2 = a little bit, 3 = some, 4 = quite a lot, 5 = severe, 0 = do not perform for nonvisual reasons GQL-15
259 Because of your eyesight, how much difficulty do you have noticing objects off to the side while you are walking along? 1 = no difficulty at all, 2 = a little difficulty, 3 = moderate difficulty, 4 = extreme difficulty, 5 = stopped doing this because of your eyesight, 6 = stopped doing this for other reasons or not interested in doing this NEI VFQ-25
260 I have trouble noticing things in my peripheral vision. never, rarely, sometimes, often, always VAQ