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Table 4 Factor structure of the unified 42 item version of the CFPQ (our 10-factor solution), and variance explained for each factor

From: Validation of the Comprehensive Feeding Practices Questionnaire with parents of 10-to-12-year-olds

CFPQ items CC Enc/Teachb Env_Uc Env_Hc Inv Mod Mon Pre RH RW
CC5 0.73          
CC9 0.62          
CC6 0.61          
CC8 0.51          
Enc22   0.69         
Enc35   0.61         
Enc24   0.53         
Enc11   0.48         
Env14    0.89        
Env34    0.85        
Env20     0.64       
Env12     0.57       
Inv13      0.79      
Inv18      0.76      
Inv30      0.74      
Mod44       0.87     
Mod43       0.78     
Mod45       0.65     
Mod41     0.57d       
Mon2        0.92    
Mon1        0.91    
Mon4        0.81    
Mon3        0.71    
Pre36         0.77   
Pre28         0.73   
Pre15         0.64   
RH40          0.65  
RH26          0.62  
RH19          0.61  
RH37          0.50  
RW25           0.82
RW31           0.80
RW27           0.75
RW33           0.64
RW32           0.61
RW38           0.60
RW16           0.50
  0.64   0.40e       
Variance expl. (%) 2.5 11.0 2.9 4.1 4.7 3.0 6.8 5.1 3.7 13.1
  1. Note: Original CFPQ subscales (and item prefixes) are labeled as follows: Child control (CC), Encourage balance and variety (Enc), Environment (Env), Involvement (Inv), Modeling (Mod), Monitoring (Mon), Pressure (Pre), Restriction for health (RH), Restriction for weight (RW), Teaching nutrition (Teach). Only factor loadings higher than the absolute value of 0.40 are reported.
  2. a Item 10 on the original Child control subscale did not have a substantial loading onto any factors in our solution.
  3. b Items from the Encourage balance and variety and Teaching nutrition subscales loaded onto the same factor, creating a new Enc/Teach factor.
  4. c The original Environment subscale was not confirmed, but was split into two different factors reflecting availability of healthy foods in the home environment (Env_H) and availability of unhealthy foods in the home environment (Env_U) respectively.
  5. d Item 41 from the Modeling subscale did not load onto the Modeling factor, but onto the new Env_H factor.
  6. e Item 42 from the Restriction for weight (RW) subscale did not load onto the RW factor, but onto the new Env_H factor.