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Table 1 KKG1 items translated into English and checked by back-translation

From: Multiple dimensions of health locus of control in a representative population sample: ordinal factor analysis and cross-validation of an existing three and a new four factor model

Items item wordings
01 When I feel bad physically then this is my own fault.
02 When I have a medical condition, I usually go to the doctor.
03 Whether or not my sickness continues depends on Chance.
04 When I feel well physically I owe this to all the advice and help of others.
05 When I get sick then I didn't take sufficient care of myself.
06 When I have a sickness I seek out the advice of others.
07 Bodily sickness cannot be influenced: When I am unlucky it appears suddenly.
08 When I take care of myself I have no sickness.
09 When destiny wants it I experience bodily pain.
10 When I am sick I ask an expert to help me.
11 2 It can be influenced whether or not I feel well.
12 When I don't have a good doctor I more often suffer from sickness.
13 Whether or not sickness disappears depends on whether or not I'm lucky.
14 I can avoid sickness when I take the advice of others.
15 I owe it to my Fate when my sickness disappears.
16 When I know enough about myself I can help myself when I am sick.
17 When I am sick I know that I can help myself.
18 It is up to me whether my sickness abates.
19 I believe that Luck and Chance play a big role in my physical health.
20 When I feel bad others know better than me how I feel.
21 It's up to me to protect myself from sickness.
  1. 1 German questionnaire to survey control beliefs concerning disease and health by Lohaus and Schmidt (1989) [37]; 2 item 11 was modified in the present study.