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Table 1 List of the two sets of variables: One set consisting of 13 exposure and 2 demographic variables, and a second set consisting of 18 symptoms, clinical and 6 diagnostic variables

From: Potential risk factors associated with human encephalitis: application of canonical correlation analysis

Exposure and Demographic Variables Symptom/clinical and Diagnostic Variables
Animal contact Lethargy
Tick bite Personality/behavioral changes
Mosquito bite Seizure
Insect bite Stiff neck
Immunization Headache
Recent infection Irritability
Travel abroad Fever
Travel within UK Focal neurological findings
Raw fish Coma
Untreated water Neurological signs
Head trauma Gastrointestinal symptoms
Sick person contact Respiratory symptoms
Water Exposure Confusion
Age Photophobia
Gender Rash
  Urinary symptoms
  Duration of illness
  Length of Hospital Stay
  Abnormal white blood cell count (WCC)
  Abnormal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  Abnormal computed tomography (CT)
  Abnormal electroencephalography (EEG)
  Abnormal glucose
  Abnormal protein