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Table 2 ARQ scales, example item and reliability score

From: Development of a multi-dimensional measure of resilience in adolescents: the Adolescent Resilience Questionnaire

DOMAIN Scale Sample item Number of items Reliability (Cronbach α)
Confidence (self/future) I feel confident that I can handle whatever comes my way 8 0.8
Emotional insight I think things through carefully before making decisions 8 0.7
Negative cognition I tend to think the worst is going to happen (reversed) 8 0.8
Social skills I can express my opinions when I am in a group 8 0.7
Empathy/Tolerance I am patient with people who can't do things as well as I can 8 0.7
Connectedness I enjoy spending time with my family 8 0.9
Availability There is someone in my family I can talk to about anything 3 0.8
Connectedness I have a friend I can trust with my private thoughts and feelings 7 0.8
Availability I wish I had more friends I felt close to (reversed) 8 0.6
Supportive Environment My teachers are caring and supportive of me 8 0.8
Connectedness I try hard in school 8 0.7
Connectedness I trust the people in my neighbourhood 6 0.9