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Table 4 Important characteristics of studies for parallel validation

From: Structuring and validating a cost-effectiveness model of primary asthma prevention amongst children

Study Model Time Horizon Perspective Population Intervention Comparator Effects
Nuijten [45] Decision tree Lifetime UK National Health Service and society Pre-term infants and children with BPD Palivizumab No prophylaxis Number of RSV hospitalizations avoided
Omnes [46] Decision tree 7 years (6 years-adults) French Social Security Children and adults Specific immunotherapy (injectable and sublingual) Current symptomatic treatment Proportions of individuals with rhinitis or allergic asthma
Resch [47] Decision tree Lifetime Austrian third party payer and society Infants born premature or with BPD, and children with congenital heart disease Palivizumab No prophylaxis Life years gained and QALY gained
ElHassan [48] Markov (with and without increased asthma risk due to RSV infection) 1 year (no-risk); 8-10 years (with risk) US society Premature infants Palivizumab No prophylaxis QALY gained
Brüggenjürgen [49] Markov model 15 years German third party payer and society Children (6 to 12 years), adolescents (13 to 18 years), and adults (19 to 65 years) Specific immunotherapy (subcutaneous) and symptom treatment Symptom treatment QALY gained
  1. QALY-quality-adjusted life year.
  2. BPD = bronchopulmonary dysplasia; RSV = respiratory syncytial virus; QALY = quality-adjusted life years