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Table 1 Summary of simulation variables

From: Assessing methods for dealing with treatment switching in randomised controlled trials: a simulation study

Variable Scenarios Details
Sample size 1 500 patients, 250 in each treatment arm
Weibull shape parameter γ 1 0.5, to represent mortality rate decreasing over time
Weibull scale parameter λ 1 1.33, chosen such that 90% of patients have died after 3 years of follow-up
Probability of patient having 'good' prognosis 2 30% or 75%
Difference in survival between 'good' and 'poor' Prognosis groups 2 Survival times of 'good' prognosis group multiplied by a factor of either 1.2 or 3
Probability of switching treatment dependent on prognosis group 2 10% ('good' prognosis) and 25% ('poor' prognosis) or 50% ('good' prognosis) and 75% ('poor' prognosis)
Switching time 1 Generated from a Uniform distribution
Initial treatment effect 2 Hazard ratio of 0.9 or 0.7