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Table 4 Reasons underlying difficulties in publications in the opinion of corresponding authors.

From: Representation of less-developed countries in Pharmacology journals: an online survey of corresponding authors

Reason n (% of respondents) N = 250
Biased attitude of reviewers and editors against authors from developing countries 162 (64.8)
Poor writing skills 132 (52.8)
Reviewers and Editors do not trust data generated in developing countries 100 (40.0)
Quality of research is not good in developing countries 78 (31.2)
Lack of funding and other resources 74 (29.6)
Unimpressive publication record of the authors 42 (16.8)
Lack of generalisibility of results 18 (7.2)
Total responses* 606
  1. *The number of responses (606) exceeds the number of respondents (250) because the majority of respondents selected more than one reasons.
  2. The corresponding authors who thought that publishing from their countries is difficult were asked to identify the reasons underlying the difficulties in publishing.