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Table 5 Attributes that increase the chances of acceptance for publication in good quality journals.

From: Representation of less-developed countries in Pharmacology journals: an online survey of corresponding authors

Attribute n (% of respondents) N = 326
Well-written manuscript 248 (76.1)
Improvement in the quality of research 228 (69.9)
Multidisciplinary research 140 (42.9)
Having collaborator/coauthor from developed country 120 (36.8)
Sound publication record 86 (26.4)
Total responses* 822
  1. *The number of responses (822) exceeds the number of respondents (326) because majority of respondents selected more than one attribute.
  2. All corresponding authors from the less-developed countries were asked to identify the measures that can increases the chances of acceptance of their manuscript.