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Table 1 Summary of equations, in terms of their numbers in the running text, for identifying the optimal exposure assessment strategy

From: Optimizing cost-efficiency in mean exposure assessment - cost functions reconsidered

  Combination of αand β
  A: α= 1;β= 1 B: α= 1;β≠1 C: α≠1;β= 1 D: α≠1;β≠1
Budget restriction 5 12 16 NA
Objective variance function; independent variable 6; n s 13; n d 17; n s NA
Derivative of objective function 7 and 7a 14 18 and 18a NA
Condition for choosing lower choice set boundary 8 15 19 NA
Condition for choosing upper choice set boundary 9 NA NA NA
Internal n s 10 NA NA NA
Internal n d 11 NA NA NA
  1. Equations express the budget restriction, the objective function, its derivative, the conditions for the lower and upper boundaries of the choice set to be optimal solutions to the allocation of samples, and the interior solution to the optimization, if applicable. NA: no analytic solution available; numerical methods must be applied (see text).