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Table 3 Items in CRIS Scales with ICCs below 0

From: Telephone and face to face methods of assessment of veteran's community reintegration yield equivalent results

CRIS SCALE Question ICC(2,1) 95% CI
EXTENT How often did you engage in risky behavior? 0.468 0.300, 0.608
EXTENT How often were you able to do several things in a row, such as following directions or doing several tasks one after the other? 0.484 0.316, 0.623
EXTENT How often did you fulfill all of the duties of your job? 0.237 -0.090, 0.518
PERCEIVED I remembered what I read. 0.433 0.259, 0.579
PERCEIVED I got along with people at work. 0.390 0.080, 0.631
PERCEIVED I was limited in following directions. 0.482 0.316, 0.619
PERCEIVED I was limited in keeping track of my daily tasks and activities. 0.494 0.330, 0.629
PERCEIVED Others expressed distress while being a passenger in my car. 0.482 0.301, 0.630
PERCEIVED I was limited in doing volunteer activities. 0.422 0.245, 0.571
SATISFACTION How satisfied were you with your job performance? 0.466 0.171, 0.684