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Table 2 A sample question

From: An empirical comparison of methods for analyzing correlated data from a discrete choice survey to elicit patient preference for colorectal cancer screening

Features Test A Test B
How is it done? You place 2 stool samples onto special cards for 3 consecutive days and return them to your doctor A flexible tube with a small camera at the tip is inserted into your rectum and through your colon
Is there pain or discomfort? You feel no pain during the test You may feel mild pain or discomfort during the test
What do you do to prepare? You must alter your diet for 5 days by avoiding some specific foods and over-the-counter medications Before the test you must take laxatives or enemas which cause diarrhea to clean your colon
Is it accurate if you DO NOT have cancer? If you DO NOT have cancer, the test result will say you may have cancer 5 out of 10 times. You then need to have a different test done Same as for Test A
Is it accurate if you DO have cancer? If you DO have cancer, the test will miss it 3 out of 10 times Same as for Test A
How much would you pay? $50 $250
Which test would you prefer (please mark one box only) Prefer A Prefer B
Suppose you now have the option of no screening. What would you prefer now?(please mark one box only) I would still prefer the test chosen above  
  I would prefer no screening