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Table 1 Tools used for survey development

From: Do health care institutions value research? A mixed methods study of barriers and facilitators to methodological rigor in pediatric randomized trials

Tool Description
Risk of Bias tool Used to assess the internal validity of RCTs. It is comprised of seven domains supported by empirical evidence: sequence generation, allocation concealment, blinding of participants and personnel, blinding of outcome assessors, incomplete outcome data, selective outcome reporting, and “other” sources of bias [29].
BARRIERS Scale Widely used to identify general barriers to research utilization, particularly in nursing. Barriers are categorized into factors related to the individual, setting, research, and presentation [30, 32].
Cabana framework Developed by Cabana et al. [31] as part of an evaluation of barriers to physicians’ adoption of clinical practice guidelines. This framework includes 10 major factors, grouped into categories related to knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour.