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Table 5 Perspectives on individual-level factors

From: Do health care institutions value research? A mixed methods study of barriers and facilitators to methodological rigor in pediatric randomized trials

02 Probably we don’t look at, we don’t know all the bias that can be, that can happen in a trial because we don’t check, we don’t believe there’s bias. We may miss some, we may forget some, and then do not report the bias because we don’t know it exists.
06 I’ve kind of learned on the job, which is why I’m not fully confident that I have all the skills.
07 Because there’s almost zero research training in the clinical curriculum for most clinicians these days. Like there’s almost nothing in the med school program, there’s almost nothing in the rehab program – there really needs to be somebody on the protocol who’s got a little bit more training.
10 Well you know it’s often when people go to write up a protocol, either they’re not totally aware of how this whole bias thing works and to them, you know the fact that you randomize people by the day of the week they present, that sounds good enough.
04 So you really have to take the time to engage people and be the one that’s proactive, engaging them. Because they’re busy, they might not even know what your study is unless you’re the change agent that really goes out there and talks to them about it and gets them motivated about why you think it’s important.