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Table 7 Perspectives on policy-level factors

From: Do health care institutions value research? A mixed methods study of barriers and facilitators to methodological rigor in pediatric randomized trials

13 We all tend to want to make the budget as small as we can to increase our chances to actually get it funded and the reality is that some trials really require the full-time effort of somebody who’s got a lot of experience, and therefore comes with a price tag. And it can be hard to make the argument to ensure that you’ve got funding, right? So I think that’s where you start cutting other corners, and you don’t have the data quality, and at the end of the day, you maybe don’t have the rigorous, homerun kind of trial that you had envisioned.
02 (regarding ethics review at multiple sites) Most of the problem is to ask for revisions and they are not consistent one between the others. So you can have a question in one and the other one… wants a different answer.