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Table 1 Short description of the ICF categories used for the graphical models on the HNC data

From: Graphical modeling of binary data using the LASSO: a simulation study

ICF Code ICF Code description
b130 Energy and drive functions
b280 Sensation of pain
b310 Voice functions
b320 Articulation functions
b340 Alternative vocalization functions
b440 Respiration functions
b450 Additional respiratory functions
b460 Sensations associated with cardiovascular and respiratory functions
b510 Ingestion functions
b515 Digestive functions
b530 Weight maintenance function
b710 Mobility of joint functions
d175 Solving problems
d310 Communicating with - receiving - spoken messages
d315 Communicating with - receiving - nonverbal messages
d330 Speaking
d335 Producing nonverbal messages
d350 Conversation
d360 Using communication devices and techniques
d550 Eating
d560 Drinking
d570 Looking after one's health
d720 Complex interpersonal interaction
d760 Family relationship
d770 Intimate relationship
d850 Remunerative employment
d920 Recreation and leisure
s320 Structure of mouth
s430 Structure of respiratory system
s710 Structure of head and neck region
e125 Products and technology for communication
e225 Climate
e310 Immediate family
e580 Health services, systems and policies