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Table 4 Comparison of ischaemic heart disease diagnoses in HES and general practice records

From: Vascular disease in women: comparison of diagnoses in hospital episode statistics and general practice records in England

  HES Diagnosis (ICD-10 code)
  Myocardial Infarction (I21-I22) Other Ischaemic Heart Disease (I20, I23-I25) All Ischaemic Heart Disease (I20-I25)
General Practitioner Report: N=130 N=683 N=796*
Same as HES diagnosis 89.2% (116) 88.1% (602) 88.1% (702)*
Closely related diagnosis 8.5% (11) 2.6% (18) 3.6% (29)
No ischaemic heart disease diagnosis 2.3% (3) 9.2% (63) 8.2% (65)*
  1. HES: hospital episode statistics ; ICD-10: International Classification of Diseases (10th Revision).
  2. * Rows do not total as 17 women with both sub-group ICD-10 codes in selected HES record are included in both sub-group columns.