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Table 5 Comments and reactions to making health equity plausibility judgments

From: Systematic reviews need to consider applicability to disadvantaged populations: inter-rater agreement for a health equity plausibility algorithm

Reason for answer theory-10; personal experience- 11; empirical data-3 guesses-4;
Other information needed more intervention specific information and data
how big are the differences being sought?
how does comparator overlap with intervention delivery
was information available from trials?
consider including community cluster trials
Need information on how intervention was delivered
General comments Important to consider these issues in design of SR-5
Difficult- 4;
Interesting to consider these issues-5;
Why only gender and SES- need to consider other factors (e.g. sexual orientation)- 2
Country differences are important- e.g. if universal drug coverage is available-1
Accessibility of drugs is less of an issue-1
Ask questions about heterogeneity-1
Intervention delivery is important for understanding