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Table 1 Summary of participant characteristics (all names are pseudonyms)

From: Designing assisted living technologies ‘in the wild’: preliminary experiences with cultural probe methodology

Participant Sex Age Ethnicity Language Main diagnoses/symptoms
Rhoda F 75 White British English COPD; Heart disease; Type 2 diabetes; Sleep apnoea
Vera F 85 White British English Stroke; Falls
Nadine F 90 Asian other French Stroke (left sided weakness); Osteoporosis
Ravanan M 76 Asian other Tamil Type 2 diabetes; Hormone deficiency; Neck, shoulder and back pain
Thennan M 74 Asian Indian Tamil Type 2 diabetes; Pain (back, legs)
Tisha F 72 Asian Indian Tamil Heart disease; OA; Type 2 diabetes; Obesity
Colin M 82 White British English Parkinson’s disease; OA; urinary incontinence; falls; gout
Anne F 84 White British English Alzheimer’s disease
Jasmine F 71 Black Caribbean English Stroke (old); Falls; Anxiety and panic attacks; Pain (back)
Pierre M 73 Black African English Falls; Dizziness; Impaired vision, OA; Pain (shoulder)
George M 90 Black Caribbean English Falls; Hypertension, Weakness in legs; Mild cognitive impairment
Geraldine F 98 White British English Alzheimer’s disease
Bilal M 70 Asian Pakistani English Stroke; OA
Elsie F 82 White British English COPD; OA; Falls
Feng M 82 Asian Chinese Cantonese High blood pressure; Impaired hearing
Ping F 81 Asian Chinese Cantonese Pain (arms and legs); Difficulty breathing
Molly F 77 White British English Blind (macular degeneration); High blood pressure
Ruby F 79 Black Caribbean English Visual impairment (blind right eye); OA; Falls; Depression
Neville M 84 White British English Glaucoma; cataract surgery; OA
Betty F 86 White British English OA; Hiatus hernia
Samuel M 81 Black Caribbean English Mild cognitive impairment
Magda F 88 White Other English Mild cognitive impairment; Heart failure; Rheumatoid arthritis; Visual impairment (macular degeneration)
Florence F 91 White Other English OA; Migraine; Leg oedema
Shuang F 60 Asian Chinese Cantonese Depression; Urinary incontinence; Dizziness; Asthma
Ella F 94 Black Caribbean English Falls; OA; Depression
Nina F 61 White British English Diabetes; Pain (back and legs)
Evelyn F 78 White British English Type 2 diabetes; OA; Neck pain
Kate F 80 White British English Polio; Visual impairment;