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Table 1 Items from familism and parental respect measures, along with abbreviation for item

From: Assessing measurement invariance of familism and parental respect across race/ethnicity in adolescents

Familism measure:
1. If one of my relatives needed a place to stay for a few months, my family would let them stay with us. (stay)
2. I expect my relatives to help me when I need them. (help me)
3. When a family makes an important decision, they should talk about it with their close relatives. (talk)
4. If anyone in my family needed help, we would all be there to help them. (help others)
Parental respect measure:
1. I will take care of my parents when they are old. (take care)
2. It is important to honor my parents. (honor)
3. It is important to respect my parents. (respect)
4. I want to be a good person so that people know that my parents raised me right. (good person)