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Table 5 Comparison of four measures of the treatment effect in a trial

From: Restricted mean survival time: an alternative to the hazard ratio for the design and analysis of randomized trials with a time-to-event outcome

Criterion Measure
   log HR Mediana RMSTa ADSa
1. Is easily interpreted   no yes yes yes
2. Does not assume proportional hazards   no yes yes yes
3. Reflects entire survival history   yes no yes no
4. Is a measure of survival time   no yes yes no
5. Can be used with all models   no yes yes yes
6. Can be calculated in any dataset   yes no yes yes
7. Does not require a time point to be specified   yes yes no no
8. Does not change with extended follow-up   no yes yes yes
9. Is routinely associated with a clinically meaningful time point   no no yes yes
  1. aThe measure is the difference in the given statistic between trial arms. ADS = absolute difference in survival.