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Table 3 Reasons offered for delays in set up and running of the study

From: Lessons learnt recruiting to a multi-site UK cohort study to explore recovery of health and well-being after colorectal cancer (CREW study)

Problem reported Number of centres reporting this problem
Sick leave/annual leave 8
Research nurse overstretched by having to cover many different studies, clinics or a number of hospitals 5
No single point of access for potential participants (e.g. patients attending for assessment prior to surgery could attend any day of the week) 3
Competing studies. Priority given to clinical trials 2
PI &/or research nurse unable to engage the rest of the MDT 2
Research nurse said patients did not want to join study 2
Research nurse leaving 2
MDT processes changed since submitting EOI 1
Contract issues 1
PI did not have GCP training 1
  1. Note. PI Principal Investigator, MDT Multidisciplinary team, EOI Expression of Interest, GCP Good Clinical Practice.