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Table 1 Factors related to successful accrual to cancer control studies at institutions

From: Facilitating accrual to cancer control and supportive care trials: the clinical research associate perspective

Themes and sub-themes (number of times mentioned) Example quotations
Staff presence and dynamics (35)
Dedicated team/staff (11) "Accrual has proven to be most successful when a CRA/Research Nurse has been highly involved."
Staff awareness of CCL studies (9) "Awareness (includes CRAs, staff physicians, nurses, fellows) - we feel that very few individuals are aware of these studies." "Weekly COG meetings with research nurse, CRAs and PI; we all know where studies stand, cuts down on emails between each other; helps prioritize studies."
Team communication (6) "A more clear system of communication when potential patients are identified."
"It's basically a team approach."
Physician consent/support (6) "Having a physician's support in identifying and consenting patients is a very important component for accrual."
Presence of a CCL champion (3) "If we have a specific person who is "championing" the protocol we have more accrual to the protocol."
Logistics including adequate numbers of eligible patients (7)
Ability to identify eligible patients (4) "Part of successful accrual is being organized in tracking and approaching all eligible patients."
Eligible/willing patients (2) "Patient willingness."
Timing of approach (1) "Timing of consent discussion (not at diagnosis as families are overwhelmed with information)."
Interests and priorities (11)
Patient potential benefit (4) "Protocols that have potential patient benefit or have therapeutic intent (ACCL0933) are prioritized over other CCL studies."
Division/department interest/support (3) "Our institutional stance is that CCL trials need to be broadly supported and embraced by the COG voting body,"
Prioritization of CCL studies at institution (2) "Our division as a whole being interested and supportive of COG studies,"
No competing treatments (2) "If [competing treatments] were to open that could affect the accrual rate for the CCL studies."
Resources (5)
Funding and resources (5) "CCL trials need to be (…) supported with adequate funding."
  1. Abbreviation: CCL, Cancer Control and Supportive Care; COG, Children’s Oncology Group; CRA, Clinical research associate; PI, Principal investigator.