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Table 4 New concepts from the secondary thematic analysis

From: “Best fit” framework synthesis: refining the method

Concepts derived for coding Definitions
Employees’ expectations of employees  
Obligations The necessity for employers to comply with formal regulations regarding the law on smoking bans or restrictions
Responsibilities The non-legal responsibilities of employers regarding smoking restrictions or cessation. These might concern either protection for non-smokers or help for smokers
Enforcement Employees’ experience regarding whether or not legal or other regulations are actually enforced
Intervention preferences  
Ease and convenience The accessibility both of the self-help materials and other types of support, such as counselling or groups
Alternatives* and cost The provision of, and problems associated with such alternatives, such as cost
Co-worker support The use of co-workers within the intervention, just as peer support, support groups, and the institutional encouragement of interventions creating a shared experience
  1. *Alternatives also existed as an a priori theme but was refined and extended as a result of the analysis.