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Table 2 Reliability and validity studies of general health assessment and health care access estimates

From: A systematic review of publications assessing reliability and validity of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2004–2011

First author (year) Focus of research Research findings (confidence intervals)
Mucci (2006) Reliability of self-reported health insurance coverage Self-reports of enrollment agreement .93
Type of plan self-report reliability .79
Clements (2006) Reliability of self-reported HMO health care plan Comparison of self-reports to external data
k =.87
Test/retest agreement 78%
Fahimi (2008) Validity of prevalence of health insurance coverage No health insurance
BRFSS (18.4-19.1)*
NHIS (18.7-20.0)*
No medical care due to cost
BRFSS (14.8-15.4)*
NHIS (7.4-8.2)*
Salomon (2009) Comparison of trends of general health in BRFSS and other national surveys; Comparison of prevalence of BRFSS and other national surveys Prevalence of “fair” or “poor” health/ males:
NHIS (11.3-12.7)*
BRFSS (15.9-16.8)*
Prevalence of “fair” or “poor” health/ females:
NHIS (12.9-14.1)*
BRFSS (16.6-17.2)*
   BRFSS more likely to show increased proportions of self-reports of “fair” or “poor” health