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Table 5 Reliability and validity studies of chronic condition estimates

From: A systematic review of publications assessing reliability and validity of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2004–2011

First author (year) Focus of research Research findings (confidence intervals)
Fahimi (2008) Comparison of BRFSS, NHIS and NHANES prevalence estimates Diabetes
BRFSS (7.9-8.1)*
NHIS (7.8-8.5)*
BRFSS (13.1-13.6)*
NHIS (9.5-10.3)*
Bombard (2005) Validity and reliability of arthritis questions using different modes and physical measures Sensitivity 70.8%
Specificity 70.3%
Agreement between phone and written responses k = .68
Sacks (2005) Validity of BRFSS arthritis questions using physical measures For ages 45-64
Sensitivity 77.4%
Specificity 58.8%
For ages 65 and older
Sensitivity 83.6%
Specificity 70.6%
Cossman (2008) Validity of BRFSS cardiovascular measures using prescription data Correlation coefficients (r) = .43-.66