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Table 8 Reliability and validity studies of tobacco and alcohol use estimates

From: A systematic review of publications assessing reliability and validity of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2004–2011

First author (year) Focus of research Research findings (confidence intervals)
Klein (2007) Validity comparison of online, personal interview, examination and telephone survey results of tobacco use Smoking prevalence
BRFSS 20.9 (median)
NHIS 20.9-22.1
NHANES self-reports 22.4-27.5
NHANES physical measures 30.6-38.1
HPOL 23.7-24.4
Fahimi (2008) Validity test comparing three national surveys Current smoker prevalence estimates:
BRFSS (20.4-21.0)*
NHIS (20.3-21.6)*
NHANES (21.4-25.9)*
Fahimi (2008) Validity test comparing national surveys Binge drinking prevalence estimates:
BRFSS (4.2-4.4)*
NHIS (4.5-4.9)*
Average Number of drinks per occasion:
BRFSS (2.4-2.5)*
NHIS (2.4-2.5)*
Miller (2004) Comparison of in-home and telephone survey results related to adult binge drinking Binge drinking state level prevalence estimates:
NSDUH (21.2-22.0)*
BRFSS (14.5-15.5)*
Absolute differences by race, age, gender groups for national prevalence estimate: