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Table 9 Reliability and validity studies of health risks related to sexual behavior, injury rick and partner violence

From: A systematic review of publications assessing reliability and validity of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2004–2011

First author (year) Focus of research Research findings (confidence intervals)
Santelli (2008) Validity of BRFSS using comparison with NSFG BRFSS and NSGF, respectively
Not Sexually Active (16.5% and 12.5%)
Vasectomy (7.7% and 6.3%)
Use of the pill (21.9% and 19.6%)
Rhythm (1.5% and 1.0%)
Diaphragm (.5% and .2%)
Withdrawal (.3% and 2.7%)
Fahimi (2008) Comparison of BRFSS and NHIS prevalence estimates BRFSS (43.4-44.2)*
NHIS (33.9-35.3)*
Bonomi (2006) Validity testing of BRFSS and WEB surveys Agreement levels BRFSS/ WEB
Any abuse (88.2%)
Sexual abuse (93.6%)
Physical abuse (90.7%)
Fear due to threats (92.9%)
   Controlling behavior (91.9%)