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Table 3 Comparison of number of randomized study participants reported in abstract with number reported in

From: registration can supplement information in abstracts for systematic reviews: a comparison study

Sample size comparisons for 66 pairs
No. (%) pairs with exact match 20 (39)
No (%) pairs with percent difference* ± 10% 18 (27)
No (%) pairs with percent difference* > 10% 28 (42)
Range of percent differences −106.6 to 88.7
Average (SD) percent difference 1.0 (32.9)
  1. *Percent difference = ((No. participants reported in abstract – No. reported in No. participants reported in X 100.
  2. Includes pairs where number of participants in abstract included all randomized study participants and the status on the record was either “completed” or “active, not recruiting.