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Table 1 Heart failure search filters

From: OvidSP Medline-to-PubMed search filter translation: a methodology for extending search filter range to include PubMed's unique content

OvidSP medline version PubMed translation
Heart OR Ventricular dysfunction, Left/ OR OR left ventricular ejection Heart failure[tw] OR Ventricular dysfunction, Left[mh:noexp] OR cardiomyopathy[tw] OR left ventricular ejection fraction[tw]
  1. Note: The / and [mh:noexp] search delimiters indicate an unexploded MeSH term search. The .mp. and [tw] search delimiters indicate a search on title, abstract, and MeSH term search fields. Both Heart failure and cardiomyopathy exist as subject headings in the MeSH thesaurus, therefore these terms search as MeSH terms. Left ventricular ejection fraction has no subject heading equivalent and therefore does not work as MeSH term search.