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Table 5 Data extraction questions

From: Getting under the skin of the primary care consultation using video stimulated recall: a systematic review

1. What is the research question?
2. How were consultations selected?
3. Who were the population of interest?
4. How many consultations were videotaped? How many were analysed?
5. What methods have been used for analysis of the consultation?
6. Has the visual data been analysed?
7. Who was subsequently shown the videotapes? (patient or GP)
8. How many interviews were conducted?
9. How were the videotapes in the interviews selected?
10. What format did the interview take? (i.e. how the video playback was incorporated in the interview)
11. What was the analysis method of the interviews?
12. Has the researcher commented on the acceptability of the research method to participants?
13. To what extent did each element of data collection contribute to the findings?
14. What are the main findings?
15. What are the authors’ main conclusions?
16. What are the reviewer’s main conclusions?
17. Did each component (interview vs video) contribute to the findings?
18. To what extent did the VSR interview add to the research findings?