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Table 7 Description of included studies

From: Getting under the skin of the primary care consultation using video stimulated recall: a systematic review

First author and year

Research question

Population/consultations of interest

Area of research

Ali [20]

To provide a detailed understanding of the ways in which white and South Asian patients communicate with white GPs and to explore any similarities and differences in communication

South Asian patients

Communication: cross cultural

Als [21]

To identify patterns of GP and patient behaviour related to computer and to identify patient and doctor perceptions of the computer


Doctor patient relationship: Impact of computer

Arborelius [17, 2228]

To describe and evaluate a stimulated recall methodology

Unselected (but stratified with respect to age & gender)

Evaluation of VSR method

To study the difficulties and dilemmas a GP faces during daily consultations


‘Difficult’ consultations

To understand phenomena in consultations where the GP has expressed difficulties


Doctor patient relationship

To compare the patients' and the doctors' comments on video-recorded consultations in order to increase understanding of shortcomings in patient-doctor relationship


To describe and understand the experiences of general practitioners in consultations

To describe and understand patients' positive and negative experiences of General Practitioners

To describe the specific behaviour in consultations where the patient experiences a satisfying human relationship with the GP

To characterize health counselling discussion in the consultation

Subsample where health promotion discussed

Health promotion advice

Blakeman [16, 29]

To explore self-management support in primary care consultations

Patients with long term conditions


To explore the relevance of computer information systems in self-management dialogue

Impact of computer

Bugge [19]

To investigate incidences, consequences and reasons for non-disclosure of information in decision making

Consultations in family planning clinic and diabetes clinica

Decision making

Cegala [30]

To compare doctor and patient views on communication during the consultation

New and follow up patients

Doctor-patient relationship

Coleman [14]

To elicit, relate and interpret GP accounts of why they discuss smoking with some patients and not others

Patients who smoke

Decision making

Cromarty [31]

To describe the range and type of thoughts patients have during their consultations


Patients experiences

Epstein [15]

To describe the structure of HIV related discussion, characterise effective and efficient communication and identify common difficulties

Consultations where HIV risk is discussed


Doctor-patient relationship

Difficult consultations

Frankel [32]

To understand the characteristics of the ‘optimal healing environment’ in the consultation

Established patients presenting to doctors with a range of satisfaction scores

Doctor- patient relationship

Gao [33]

To explore the influence of cultural practices on discussion of colorectal screening

Patients having colorectal screening recommendations

Communication: Cross cultural

Henry [18]

To understand the impact of tacit clues on making judgements in the consultation

Patients undergoing health maintenance examinations

Decision making

Rosenburg [34, 35]

To understand what occurs in a triadic encounter

Triadic Consultations involving an interpreter


To delineate differences in encounters between professional and family interpreters

Rosenburg [13]

To explore the communication patterns and perceptions between family doctors and psychologically distressed immigrant patients?

Immigrant patients with psychological problems

Communication: Cross cultural

Saba [36]

To examine shared decision making and the experience of partnership of the doctors and patients

Stratified sample of patients presenting with diabetes or hypertension

Shared decision making

Timpka [37]

To compare the experiences of patients and care givers of consulting across the primary care team

Patients who encountered more than one team member in a visit

Clinician-patient relationship and team working

Treichler [38]

To identify and explore the power relations in a triadic consultation with GP, patients and medical student

Traidic consultation with medical student

Doctor-patient relationship

Ventres [39, 40]

To explore how electronic health record affects encounters between physicians and patients


Doctor-patient relationship: impact of computer

  1. aAnd other non-primary care consultations.