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Table 5 Estimated associations between baseline predictor and change in health from inappropriate use of MR analyses (i.e. in situations where RTM was assumed not to occur)

From: Bias in the study of prediction of change: a Monte Carlo simulation study of the effects of selective attrition and inappropriate modeling of regression toward the mean

Dependency (bdrop) bpred(SE) Coverage of 95% C.I.
Pred. V1 V2   
0 0 0 -.17 (.04) 53
.3 .3 0 -.17 (.04) 54
.3 .3 .1 -.15 (.04) 69
.3 .3 .3 -.11 (.04) .94
  1. Dependency is the magnitude (bdrop) of the regression of liability of dropping out on each of the three study variables. Pred = baseline predictor. V1 = the main variable at baseline (baseline health), V2 = the main variable at follow-up (follow-up health). SE = standard error. bpred = regression coefficient from predictor to change in health. Coverage of 95% C.I. = the percentage of the 500 samples with an estimated bpred with a 95% confidence interval containing the true population value. bpred and SE are average results over the 500 generated samples. N in the original samples was 1000. Attrition rate was 50%. The first line shows results when attrition was completely random.
  2. The true population value was bpred = - .10.