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Table 2 Variables, categories and the percentage missing

From: Model development including interactions with multiple imputed data

Variable Response category % missing
Gender male/female 0
Neonatal care yes/no 3.7
Birth weight up to 2.5 kg/>2.5 kg/don’t know 1.0
Fear in neighbourhood yes/no 6.5
Smoked while pregnant yes/no 50.
Smokers in the home yes/no 0.3
Smoke exposure in vehicles yes/no 7.6
Exercise Up to once a week/2-4 times a week/>4 times a week 6.3
TV watching Up to an hour a day/1-3 hours a day/>3 hours a day 6.5
Number people in home 1-4/5-7/8+ 9.2
Income (monthly) up to R1000/R1001-R4500/R4501-R10000/R10001+ 19.4
Food availability not always enough/enough 8.4
Perceived weight overweight/underweight/correct weight 6.8
Work and wear yes/no 3.7
Pets at home ever yes/no 1.0
Area South Durban/North Durban 0
Breakfast habits Not every day/daily 6.5
Violence experienced yes/no 7.3
Attacked with weapons yes/no 7.3
Stove type paraffin/gas/electric/none 9.9
Age   0
Asthma severity Moderate-severe/mild persistent/mild intermittent/no asthma 0