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Table 2 Evaluation (using average deviation of the predicted wage from actual wage and% reduction in total deviation) of both prediction models and simple geometric means (grand mean and mean within SOC unit categories) for the internal validation data (2006 LFS data only)

From: A method for estimating wage, using standardised occupational classifications, for use in medical research in the place of self-reported income

Model Average deviation from actual wage % reduction of deviation
Grand Geometric Mean Wage £209 0%
Geometric Mean wage in SOC Unit Group £150 48.78%
Model 1: 2-level intercept £151 48.12%
Model 2: 2-level intercept and age slopes £150 48.41%
Model 3: 3-level intercept £146 51.63%
Model 4: 3-level intercept and age slopes £145 52.10%
N 27,560