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Table 1 18 selected systematic reviews

From: Comparison of intervention effects in split-mouth and parallel-arm randomized controlled trials: a meta-epidemiological study

Review Population
1. Annibali [18] Patients treated with dental implants
2. Atieh [19] Patients with a clinical diagnosis of chronic periodontitis
3. Brignardello-Petersen [20] Patients who underwent surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars
4. Cairo [21] Patients with a clinical diagnosis of Miller Class I or II localized gingival recession defect
5. Carrasco-Labra [22] Healthy adult subjects who underwent surgical removal of an impacted mandibular third molar
6. Chambronne [23] Patients with gingival recession areas (Miller’s Class I or II > 3 mm)
7. Del Fabbro [24] Patients undergoing surgical procedures for the treatment of periodontal defects and gingival recession
8. Esposito [25] Patients with osteointegrated root-form dental implants
9. Esposito [26] Patients with chronic, aggressive, or early onset periodontitis and intrabony defects with an intrabony component of at least 3 mm to be treated
10. Esposito [27] Patients rehabilitated with implant supported/retained prostheses
11. Fleming [28] Patients with full-arch, fixed, and bonded orthodontic appliances
12. Imai [29] Adult patients with clinical signs of gingivitis and some periodontitis
13. Lodi [30] Patients undergoing tooth extraction for any indication
14. Mickenautsch [31] Patients requiring dental restoration
15. Muller-Bolla [32] Patients > 5 years old with permanent molars, all caries-free or with incipient carious lesions
16. Needleman [33] Patients ≥ 21 years old with chronic periodontitis or periodontitis
17. Sgolastra [35] Adult patients with chronic periodontitis
18. Yong [36] Adult patients with adrenal insufficiency and who required surgery