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Table 1 EuroQol Descriptive system

From: What is the value of social values? The uselessness of assessing health-related quality of life through preference measures

1. No problems walking
2. Some problems walking about
3. Confined to bed
1. No problems with self-care
2. Some problems washing or dressing self
3. Unable to wash or dress self
Usual activities
1. No problems with performing usual activities (e.g. work, study, housework, family or leisure activities)
2. Some problems with performing usual activities
3. Unable to perform usual activities
1. No pain or discomfort
2. Moderate pain or discomfort
3. Extreme pain or discomfort
1. Not anxious or depressed
2. Moderately anxious or depressed
3. Extremely anxious or depressed
  1. Each composite health state has a five digit code number relating to the response provided to each dimension. The composite state 22322, for example, corresponds to a subject who has some problem walking about (2), some problems washing or dressing self (2), is unable to perform usual activities (3), has moderate pain or discomfort (2), and is moderately anxious or depressed (2).