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Table 3 Recommended practices in RHL

From: Cluster randomized trial of an active, multifaceted information dissemination intervention based on The WHO Reproductive health library to change obstetric practices: methods and design issues [ISRCTN14055385]

Practice Desired outcome
1. External cephalic version at term ↓ breech delivery, ↓ caesarean section
2. Social support during labour ↓ caesarean section, ↑ satisfaction with labour
3. Magnesium sulfate for women with eclampsia ↓ recurrent convulsions
4. Corticosteroids before preterm delivery ↓ neonatal death, respiratory distress syndrome
5. Selected episiotomy for nulliparous women ↓ perineal pain postpartum
6. Active management of the third stage of labour ↓ postpartum haemorrhage
7. Unrestricted breastfeeding on demand ↑ exclusive breastfeeding