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Table 1 Some intrinsic limitations of standard homeopathic cases reports:

From: Can the caged bird sing? Reflections on the application of qualitative research methods to case study design in homeopathic medicine

1. Submitted by practitioners predisposed to view the therapeutic process through the theories of homeopathic medicine.
2. Rival explanations for changes in health status not systematically investigated
3. Objective evidence in the form of questionnaire responses, laboratory findings and reports from other carers not normally included.
4. Dependent on the accuracy of the notes and memory of the practitioner
5. Typically retrospective allowing for selection of best results – not therefore indicative of the nature of practitioner's practice as a whole.
6. Duration and detail of follow-up frequently insufficient to be sure of depth and longevity of any therapeutic response. Unchanged symptoms not usually included in follow-up reports.