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Table 2 Sample review critiera for "Controlled Clinical Trial" submission.

From: Reviewer agreement trends from four years of electronic submissions of conference abstract

Criterion Score Description
Hypothesis 0 Unstated
  1 Clear, but not detailed
  2 Clear, comprehensive
Study Design 0 Inappropriate design
  1 Acceptable design
  2 Superior design (Please note that if the best way to answer the study question is by a RCT, then a RCT gets 2 points)
Methods I 0 Non-randomized
  1 Pseudo-randomized (day of the week, flip coin, etc)
  2 Randomized (random numbers tables, etc)
Methods II 0 Unblinded and outcome measure that are unblinded.
  1 Unblinded or single-blinded with blinded outcome measures
  2 Double-blinded
Statistics 0 Inappropriate and poorly described statistical methods.
  1 Appropriate but poorly described or reported.
  2 Appropriate and well reported (p-values/confidence intervals).
Presentation 0 Unclear, poorly organized and not conforming to CAEP format.
  1 Unclear, poorly organized or not conforming to CAEP format.
  2 Clear, well organized and conforming to CAEP format
Originality 0 Repetition of previous work.
  1 Unique slant on a common problem.
  2 Cutting edge, novel approach.
Impact 0 Will make no difference in practice
  1 Repetition and with no unique features.
  2 Important outcome, but intervention may be difficult to implement in other settings.
  3 Important outcome, could change practice
  4 Important outcome, changes practice.
Overall Impression 0 Unacceptable
  1 Very poor
  2 Poor
  3 Acceptable
  4 Good
  5 Very good
  6 Outstanding