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Table 5 Overlap between 13 candidate ICF categories for Generic ICF Core Set and the WHO DAS II 12 item version

From: Identification of candidate categories of the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF) for a Generic ICF Core Setbased on regression modelling

ICF Component Candidate ICF categories for Generic ICF Core Set WHO DAS II 12 item version
Body Functions b130 energy and drive functions BFs are currently not included. However, BF module is under consideration for development.
  b152 emotional functions  
  b230 vestibular functions  
  b280 sensation of pain  
  b730 muscle power functions  
  d450 walking D1.1 Concentrating on doing something for ten minutes?
   D1.4 Learning a new task, for example, learning how to get to a new place?
   D2.1 Standing for long periods such as 30 minutes?
   D2.5 Walking a long distance such as a kilometre (or equivalent)?
   D3.1 Washing your whole body?
   D3.2 Getting dressed?
   D4.1 Dealing with people you do not know?
   D4.2 Maintaining a friendship?
Activity & Participation d620 acquisition of goods and services  
  d640 doing housework D5.1 Taking care of your household responsibilities?
  d660 assisting others  
  d850 remunerative employment D5.5 Your day to day work/school?
  d920 recreation and leisure D6.1 How much of a problem did you have in joining in community activities (for example, festivities, religious or other activities) in the same way as anyone else can?
   D6.5 How much have you been emotionally affected by your health condition
Environmental Factors E450 individual attitudes of health professionals
E580 health services, systems and policies
One generic EF question is currently included in d450 walking WHO DAS 36 item version. However, a EF Module is under consideration for development
  1. BF = Body Function.
  2. EF = Environmental Factor